Why Athr

Why Athr

ARE specializes in dealing with wealth management in the real estate industry, ensuring that our clients see a healthy return in their investments with our properties.

We believe in delivering a personalized selection of real estate, always accounting for its long-term value. We work with what we believe has the best long-term return and handpick our selection accordingly. An elaborate selection procedure is used to decide what inventory we will work with, ensuring that we only pick what we believe has the highest quality and value. We are not just brokers. Buying and selling property is just the baseline and Athr Real Estate promises to deliver that and much more. Picking properties we believe in is what makes ARE stand out in the real estate world, and we guarantee that you will never regret working with us.

Why Athr

Athr Real Estate (ARE) is a network of dedicated experts who are here to assist you in growing and pursuing your wealth far into the future. Once we have understood your needs and objectives, we provide you with the necessary advice on all the relevant aspects of real estate. We aim to create a life without any doubt by customizing investment strategies to our clients’ specific needs.

Our Benefits

Flexible Payment Plans

8% Guaranteed ROI

DLD Registration Fee Waiver

No Agency Commission

Free Yearly Stays at Property

No Yearly Service Charge