Providing rent (daily / monthly / yearly) to extend the investment return. The more properties  (apartments) available to him, the more customers who will still rent. Example: If we have 100 or 150 apartments, there will be an outsized number of customers who want to rent, which helps to extend the investment return.

Is to own a real state in a vital area like (downtown Dubai, Dubai marina, city walk), the main idea is to have a commercial return to be divided into 5 individual, with a share of 20% per individual. The first share has been selected to be owned by the property operator, the remaining 4 shares are left for the rest of the investors

Providing the biggest commercial return for each investor. For example, purchasing a property far away from vital and tourist areas minimizes the chance to extend the commercial return of the property. fractional ownership is capable of buying a property in a vital and tourism area, thereby increasing the commercial return using rent (may/monthly/annual).

It is to ensure the vitality of real estate prices. For example, when buying real estate is a vital and tourist area, it has a future, and its primary objective (tourists) will ensure the vitality of the real estate or the recent appreciation of the value of the real estate, thus spread to all investors participating in the fractional ownership.

A value varies depending on the type of real estate, but we have less than 8% value and up to 10%

Yes is guaranteed by an official contract and is accessible before signing the contract for the purchase of the real estate.

For each real estate operator a certain proportion you are offered from the offer and contract, some of which are the duration of 4 and 5 or 6 years. It will automatically be renewed after the end of the fundamental term of operation because the operator is a 20% partner and wants to maximize the return.

Yes, each investor and owner has access to it before the procurement process is completed, and the operating contract is detailed.

According to the laws of the United Arab Emirates after the payment of the real estate values, ownership is formed to all, and an instrument is issued clarifying the names of the partners and accordingly proportion of ownership of the partners.
For example, when buying a 100-meter land, the share of each partner is 20% explained within an instrument alongside its name.

Yes, it is registered by the department of land and property of Dubai by Law No. 6/109 of the fractional ownership laws, as annexed to you, the special link to the land legislation

Yes, there are ways to pay by way of a facilitator's premiums or payments and also the possibility to pay in cash

Yes, this can be done by submitting the request to the operator, and the operator searches for a buyer within 6 months, and if the buyer is not available during the period, the operator buys the share after evaluation by 3 evaluation companies and is approved by the Land Department.

No approval must be taken, they may be entitled to buy a quota if they want and they have the priority.

It is given to the heirs according to Islamic law or according to the will of the investor.

No, they are not exempt from paying the investor's quota.